The Avisio is a North Italian river, fed by a constant stream of clean and clear water from glaciers that originate from the Marmolada mountain, which is with several peaks above 3000 meters amongst the highest mountains of the Dolomites. The Avisio merges with the Adige river at Lavis, and eventually ends in the Adriatic Sea.

As the Avisio is fed by meltwater from the Dolomite mountains, Avisio B.V. is fed by a stream of knowledge and experience, stemming from a multitude of previous Executive and non-executive Board positions.

And as the water from the river Avisio is eventually mingled with the water of the river Adige and Adriatic Sea, the knowledge and experience of Avisio B.V. is made instrumental for the development of both individuals and organisations for which Avisio B.V. is using its coaching and interim management capabilities.

Avisio B.V. was founded by Eric Hogenboom in 2016.