Intro Eric Hogenboom


I am attracted by complex turnaround projects at companies with a desire for strong profit or business growth. Putting a turnaround plan together and implement that plan under challenging circumstances are my energy and passion drivers. It appeals to my need for intellectual challenge combined with hands-on implementation and getting rewarding results together with a professional team.

Throughout my professional career at DSM and SABIC in various business, commercial and development leadership positions I have found out that I thrive in these environments.

In my drive for enhancement and continuous learning, I am committed to use my insights and experience to support self leadership-awareness in one-on-one individual sparring sessions.

With Avisio Coaching & Interim Management I provide clients with quick scans of their businesses, disentanglement of complex issues, priority setting for organizational improvement and implementation of sustainable results.

My way of working earns commitment and respect of teams and people by combining an engaging style with transparency and consistency. Not one to mince words, you can count on me to act as your though sparring partner, demanding challenger and thoughtful coach.